Available mobile platforms:

iPhone / iPad

Download via App Store
Search the App store for "XTrade"


Download via Google Play
Search Google Play for "XTrade"

Windows Phone

Download via Windows Store
Search Windows Store for "XTrade"

How to refer mobile traffic:

Use the same referral link to promote the XTrade mobile and tablet platforms:

When traders click on your referral link they will be redirected to the XTrade landing page that is suited for their device and language.

For example: a French trader that clicks on your referral link on his IPhone will be redirected to our Xtrade International landing page suited for the iPhone.

Mobile Links:

We encourage you to refer your traffic using the direct download link that appears on your XTradeAffiliates account. The traffic will be redirected to the relevant app page at the App Store or Google Play.

Mobile tracking:

Mobile traffic is being tracked in the exact same way as web traffic, including registrations via iPhone, Ipad and Android devices.

Mobile marketing tools:

Can be found on the 'Marketing Tools' section of your XTradeAffiliates account.