Marketing Tools

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XTrade Landing Pages

Utilize our landing pages to gain more traffic to your website. Statistics show that landing pages are proven to generate a high conversion rate. Therefore, this will assist you with attracting more potential traders.

Professional Banners

All of our marketing banners have been professionally designed to assist you with attracting and converting potential new traders. XTrade banners and logos are available in all standard sizes and have been translated into all 38 languages.

Email Marketing

Receive relevant email marketing tools which are up to date with content of the highest quality that discuss popular instruments, articles, tips, and more. Email marketing can be an efficient and effective promotional tool for the XTrade platform.

Mobile Marketing Tools

XTrade Affiliates provides all affiliates with mobile marketing tools, such as pop ups, widgets, banners and links. This will provide you with the opportunity to expand and gain exposure to and from the mobile world. Having mobile marketing tools will enable you to utilize options that XTrade offers via our mobile app in the App Store and Google Play Store.

XTrade Widgets

With all of our new advanced marketing tools, we offer widgets, which will transform your live stream information tools and display updated rates on the most traded and popular instruments. We also provide the option to promote in a specific country. This will provide you with the right promotions for relevant instruments traded within the country.

Affiliates Referral Link

The Affiliates Referral Link will automatically refer your visitors to the XTrade International landing page, whether it is on their PC, mobile or tablet. The link will also place them on the landing page with the right language and currency, depending on where they are in the world. The Affiliates Referral Link was developed to help our affiliates gain as much exposure to potential new traders as possible.

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