XTradeAffiliates is the official partners program of XTrade. XTradeAffiliates is infact, considered by many as one of the best affiliate programs on the internet, and is considered as the top affiliate programs among the CFD industry.
XTradeAffiliates, provides its customers with highest CPA values and revenue shares.
Forex is one of the fastest growing online financial industries today. XTrade has added CFDs and Stocks to its trading portfolio, this provides a new avenue for people looking in the investment sector. You can profit from introducing new traders to XTrade and grow with us.
Anyone who is 18 and older can sign up to become an XTrade Affiliate.
Registering with XTrade is quick and easy. Click here to register. Please read our terms and agreements before selecting the JOIN button. Once your account is created, you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions.
Absolutely not. Joining Xtrade affiliate program is completely free!
Promoting us is free and using our advanced marketing tools is free.
Promote XTrade by using our marketing tools, which are available via your affiliate account.
As an affiliate, you will receive a tracking link with your specific ID. Once clicked on, this link will track all the traffic to your account.
The duration of all cookies is 30 days.
Once logged in, select 'Marketing Tools' on the menu bar, there you can choose from a wide range of materials such as banners, live widgets, links, and more.

Once you are logged in, select 'Marketing Tools' on the menu bar and go to the 'Links Generator' page.

  • Select a language for the Xtrade site
  • Select a Landing Page you prefer to send your traffic to (Default is Xtrade HomePage).
  • You may want to insert "Tags", which enable you to trace the source of your traffic more efficiently. "Tags" can be either text or numbers.
  • Click on the "Generate Links" button and all links will be generated for you.
We have done all the work for you! XTrade has already prepared the banners, live widgets, articles and other creative ideas ready for you to use.
Sub-accounts enables hierarchical management of your resources. You can use sub-accounts to promote Xtrade among various sub-organizations. Each sub-account will recieve a unique Member ID for tracking his traffic, and will be able to login to his account with the username and password you provide for him. A sub-account gets access to the activity reports (under their ID) and to the Marketing tools, HOWEVER, they will not be able to see any revenues and profits you earn.
Creating a sub-account is very easy. Simply go to 'Account Details' on the menu, and choose 'Sub-Accounts'. Once you get to the "Sub-Accounts" page, click on the "Add New Sub-Account" button and fill in your sub-account details.
As an Xtrade affiliate, you can earn additional bonus revenue by simply referring to us new affiliates. For each approved affiliate that you refer to us, you will receive a percentage from the commissions he or she makes. Isn’t that great? You can earn extra money by just relaxing and letting others work!
As many as you want! We encourage you to share your "refer affiliate" link to as many potential affiliates as possible.
All you need to do is to copy the referral link that you have on your main page, And share that link with potential affiliates.
Yes there are. We don't accept users from the USA, Canada and from several countries in North Africa and Asia. To get the complete list, please contact your affiliate manager or if you still don’t have one please contact [email protected]
NO. We accept affiliates from all over the world.
You do not need a website to promote XTrade. Of course a website is a good way to bring traffic, but it’s not the only way. You can promote XTrade by PPC, email marketing, educational campaigns, social campaigns, application campaigns , offline marketing, by speaking with your friends, clients and associates.
If you forgot your password, please go to the Login screen, and click on the Forgot your password link. There you can insert your active email address and the password will be sent directly to that email. Please note that your active email address by default, is the email you used to register with.
If that email is not active anymore, and you haven’t updated your account details with an active email address, you will not be able to retrieve your password. In such case, please contact your affiliate manager or one of our managers at [email protected].
Please contact your affiliate manager or if you still don’t have one, please contact [email protected]
You will be able to View and Analyse your activity via persoanl reports we provide to you under your XTrade Affiliates Account. Just log into your account, choose `Reports` on the menu and select your desired report. Your statistics are available online 24 hours a day.
The XTradeAffiliates report interface, enables you to extract your report activity by the exact number of impressions, clicks, sign-ups, registered traders and qualified real traders, and of course, your share of the profit!
These stats will enable you to judge whether or not certain marketing strategies and campaigns are effective, and modify your marketing strategy accordingly.
With our reports interface, you will be able to optimize your marketing per country and per language.
A 'Sign-Up', is a users who has signed up for an XTrade account.
Once a user makes a first deposit, he is considered a 'Registered Trader'.
A "Qulified Trader" is an active trader who has passed a certain spread limit on his trades.
For updated spread limit rates, please refer to our affiliate agreement.
Please note that if a user is detected as a fraud, he will not be considered a 'Qualified Trader'.
Any user who has been involved in fraudlant behavior such as using stolen credit-cards, performing chargebacks etc.., will be considered as a 'Fraud' trader and his activity will be banned.
If you feel a certain user was detected as a Fraud by mistake, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected]
A sub-account gets access to all activity reports (under their ID), HOWEVER, they will not be able to see any revenues and profits related to these reports.
In other words, sub-accounts are able to see only trafic stats such as: clicks,sign-ups,potential traders and qualifed traders.
If you have any questions or comments regarding any report, please contact our team at [email protected] and explain in details what exactly you have encountered.
We offer CPA or Revenue-Share plans. Click here for more info.
The Revenue-Share is an Affiliate compensation plan where the Affiliate Fee payable to Affiliate is calculated as a percentage of the Gross Revenue attributed to such Affiliate.
Monthly Gross Revenue (MGR) equals the monthly spreads minus the bonuses and chargebacks.
CPA means Cost Per Acquisition.
On a CPA plan, You'll receive a payment for each new Qualified Real Trader you refer.
Payments are determind according to a specific CPA plan your account manager has made for you, and according to the country origin of your traders.
For further details, please check our "Payment Plans page.
FTD stands for "First Time Deposit", which means it is the very first deposit a trader makes.
Of course you can!
After logging into your account, select `Account Details` on the menu bar and choose `Payment Details` page to set your payment information.
Till the 20th of each month is when we pay our Affiliates for the previous month.
Your monthly earnings will be sent out to you only if the sum is over $250, otherwise your commission will be carried over to the next month.
Please direct all payment issues via email to: [email protected].

XTrade International Ltd is recognised as an innovated and international provider for Contracts for Difference (CFDs), providing trading facilities of the highest quality on Shares, Commodities, Forex, and Indices with one of the world’s leading trading platforms.

Our online trading platform offers our market traders the flexibility and speed to trade CFDs anytime and anywhere.

XTrade International Ltd is a CFD provider with a strong global presence. We have offices across the globe, as well as clients in over 140 countries. Our clients are able to connect to many international markets, all from one account.

By establishing strong relationships with many of the biggest international banks and Tier 1 financial institutions throughout the world, we are able to ensure our clients receive a first-class trading experience. This has also enabled us to expand our client base, generate increased trading volume and provide vast liquidity to our clients at superior prices.

We are also able to attract new international customers by providing a wide variety of financial service options, such as language support, multi-currency and multiple payment methods.

XTrade International Ltd is authorized to operate by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) - the Belize government agency responsible for financial regulation, with License Number IFSC/60/383/TS/17 , ensuring each client a safe and regulated trading environment.

Our Vision

  • Service: We are dedicated to improving the services we offer to our clients, as well as building the highest level of trust which allows them to trade confidently with us.
  • XTrades Principles: Our Company has earned a reputation for excellence due to our principles of innovation, integrity, professionalism and reliability. Our clients will always know how to access the services they are being provided and understand exactly what they are paying for.
  • Our duty: To build and distribute a proper business that meets our clients’ trading demands.
  • The Human Aspect: We cannot succeed without the trust and respect of our customers. It will always be a top priority at XTrade to do whatever it takes to earn and build relationships based on that trust while making every effort to meet your trading needs.
  • Innovation: We are quickly becoming an industry leader in the CFD market due to our ability to innovate and offer the most highly advanced tools possible to our clients. Such tools are vital to the future success of our clients.
  • Secure Trading Environment: Our Company was established with the goal of providing a safe and secure trading environment for traders around the world. Operated by a brilliant group of developers, we make every effort to safeguard the information and funds of our clients.